The national basketball team to receive honourable academic titles

FON University, in compliance with the academic freedom and the Statute, with an unanimously decision from the Rector’s Board and the Management of the University decided to award the members of the Macedonian national basketball team with honourable academic titles.

With a decree from the Rector and the President of the University, FON awards them the titles- Honourable academics and Honourable graduates at the Faculty of Sports Management within FON University. The academic titles are awarded because of their self- sacrifice and for their affirmation of the Macedonian sport.

On this occasion we like to emphasize that the academicism, the cultural and sport values are not just on paper, they are acts achieved with pure heart, thoughts and spirit. FON congratulates all the members of the national basketball team, and in their honour will organise special ceremony were they will be awarded with the honourable titles.

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