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Study Terms

The teaching process is organized in the new University campus in Aerodrom, on a surface area of about 30.000m2. It offers the most modern conditions for working and teaching, adapted to the implementation of ECTS. The University campus has amphitheatres with a capacity of 300 and 200 sitting chairs, as well as great number of smaller lecture rooms where the lectures, in accordance with the ECTS, can be followed by 25 or 35 students.

Interactive teaching is also included and the conditions for these activities are adjusted to the necessities of each faculty. AUE-FON highlights the practical work, which is a part of the European credit transfer system. We collaborate with institutions where our students can work during summer holidays, and thus differ from the state universities in the way that we pay more attention on the practical work. The state universities cannot achieve this due to the massive studying.

The working hours of the teaching and associate staff are 8 hours, same as for the administrative and technical staff, except for the employees whose work is connected with informing the students, registrations for examinations etc. who work in two shifts. The professors and teaching assistants have a constant communication with the students. Students can have limitless consultations referring to their studies, exams and studying materials. This approach toward communication is the most important contribution of the private education, which has improved the relation professor-student.

Student services

  • Friendly personnel;
  • Student help and cooperation;
  • Support in the study process through precise information;
  • Students care and counselling;
  • University cooperation;
  • Information;
  • Work engagements;
  • Financing and scholarships;
  • Study terms;
  • E-services;
  • Organizations of lectures, tutorials, exams, seminars, study period abroad;

Computer laboratories

  • Well equipped computer laboratories;
  • Latest computer systems;
  • Fast Internet connection.



  • Library with over 2000 titles;
  • Practical resources, books, scripts etc;
  • Lending books/ resources;
  • Resources for exams, colloquiums, exercises.




AUE-FON has presented the concept of a digital university, which has been brought in these parts of Europe for the first time. Only few universities have presented this type of technology, and in R. of North Macedonia this is the only university of this type.

  • This means that students are going to have their books in an electronic version, the communication is going to be facilitated because they are going to be connected by wireless internet and thus they can exchange literature. AUE-FON has also bought a database of foreign literature that can be used by the students.

    The students can get in touch with their teaching assistants and professors in real time by videoconference connections.

    The examinations and the studying materials are going to be accessible through the system. They can use the resources by videoconference and listen to lectures of eminent professors.

    This is achieved with the assistance of the Ministry of Information Society with the purpose of creating higher quality and to support the government’s agenda for creating a contemporary information society.

    Tuition fees

    Registered students are assessed tuition fees based on the following requirments:

    1. School within AUE-FON

    2. Program

    3. Credit Hours Enrolled

    For further details, to get information about tuition fee and scholarships available, please contact our International Student Office by phone:

    02 2445 503; 072 729 592;

    or the following email addresses: igor.jovanoski@fon.edu.mk; info@fon.edu.mk