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Postgraduate studies

This academic year AUE FON University offers a system of early registration for postgraduate studies, with Tuition fee of 4500 euros for international students in MKD equivalent amount. Methods of payment include: payment of the total amount with 5 % discount, in two installments (one per semester) or 12 monthly installments through Halk Bank loan. For more information on these opportunities, complete the student enrollment application on this link.

Following is the list of required documents:
- BA/ BSc Degree - certifying successful completion of undergraduate studies;
- Birth certificate;
- Certificate of citizenship;
- First installment - Tuition fee;
- Two photographs;
- Payment of 800 MKD fees/ semester operational costs.

Applicants for the Design and Multimedia study program are required to submit a Portfolio in addition to the above documents. Same conditions apply to foreign students. Foreign students applying for studies in Macedonian, Albanian or English are required to submit a respective language certificate, with minimum level of language proficiency - B2. Alternatively, they shall be required to attend the English and Academic Preparation Programme and take the language exam at AUE FON.

Candidates who have completed their secondary education abroad should submit a Decision, a document issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of RNM, certifying that educational qualifications obtained abroad have been recognized (nostrification). In addition. candidates should submit the original documents and the notarized translation in Macedonian.

For further information: 076225544 email: upisi@fon.edu.mk

American University of Europe - FON offers you postgraduate studies (second cycle of studies) on the following schools: