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School of Law and Political Sciences

Law Studies

Law as a profession is one of the oldest and most renowned professions in every society. Its honor is meritorious because of its link to knowledge and protection of the most basic values upon which society lays: law and human rights. It drafts the political system and all of the judicial traffic in every society from its Constitution to the whole legislation. Therefore, students’ interest for studying Law is always on a high level. Law is related to a wide spectrum of professions in the country, the international community and organizations, the business world and the non-governmental organizations. The judicial system (judiciary, the prosecutor’s office, advocacy, etc.) is drafted and realized by the attorneys and their knowledge and sense for responsibility and justice. 


Political Sciences and Diplomacy

Politics as a profession is in exceptional ascent in the democratic countries and in Republic of North Macedonia. At the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences at AUE-FON the political studies and diplomacy offer the latest comparative programs for studying these sciences which are covered by exceptionally qualified teaching, research and academic staff. The program developed the best in this country international collaboration with ranked faculties in this field and offer students frequent study visits in the democratic European countries and universities. The political sciences work intensively on several multiannual projects with representative partners from the EU countries and the region in which our students are included throughout their studies. The studies provide opportunities for employment in public administration, the judicial system, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, business sector, political organizations, etc.



Faculty of Law and Political Sciences - Aim

At AUE FON both Law and Political Sciences offer their students the best environment for quality study through providing high-quality research and teaching staff, the best study programs for the standard scientific disciplines and daily communication and interaction with the academic staff. The faculty achieves this aim also through its superior organisational and facility disposition. In the teaching process the students are given the possibility to participate in the scientific-research work on projects and practical work in institutions and companies.

The Faculty of Law and Political Sciences is standardized with i.e. Bologna declaration for credit transfer system for studies with which the students are provided with the possibility to participate in the lectures at other faculties in the country and abroad, should they be interested.