School of Applied Foreign Languages

Are you in quest of innovative approaches in higher education?
Are you interested in foreign languages, linguistics, education, language learning at all educational levels? Would you like to take part in the shaping of young minds and thus have an impact on your country’s future? Are you interested in translation and analysis literary or professional texts, while discovering creative ways to express yourself, the nuances and richness of both your native tongue and foreign languages? Do you wish to gain insight into the principles of mother and foreign language acquisition and learn about traditional and innovative teaching methods? 

In a word, if the answer is ‘yes’, then you want to become an English language teacher, or even a Master in applied linguistics. 

Do you enjoy speaking foreign languages? Do you intend to start your own business, develop your family company, work in management or logistics of export/import enterprises, represent a domestic organization abroad, and be a member of local or state administration? Are you motivated to learn about language and intercultural communication as operative skills of the business world? 

In a word, if the answer is ‘yes’, then you want to gain a BA in foreign languages and business, or even an MA in international business and foreign languages.


At the Faculty of foreign languages you will study the English language as your major subject, along with another foreign language as elective as well as a third language if you so desire. Carefully developed combination of both theory and practice will enable you to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to face the challenges of the modern age and be prepared to meet the requirements of your professional commitments.

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