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School of Sports Management


We are pleased to introduce you to the Faculty of Sports Management at American University of Europe FON , which aims to educate:

- the deficient profile – sports manager; and

- the profile which is in growing demand – sports pedagogue, or professor of sport and physical education.

Dear readers, future students, friends... We hope that through this reference, you will find everything that you are interested in regarding our academic studies for the two modules mentioned above, you will get to know our programs, facilities, equipment, and study terms. For all other information, you can contact us in person at the AUE FON premises, or more specifically at the School of Sports Management.

The School of Sports Management will provide you with all the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies that will guarantee you success in the business world of sports and all other related segments of society in the future.

Why kinesiology and sports management?

Kinesiology today is regarded as a multidisciplinary scientific field dominated by an experimental approach to research into the principles and legalities of the human body activity and exercise. Sport, both globally and locally, is a significant and fast-growing industry that seeks professionals in all areas of its management.

The School of Sports Management offers unique undergraduate and postgraduate programs that will prepare you for the numerous job opportunities in today's dynamic sports and education industry, regardless of whether your interests lie in corporate sponsorship management, sports organizations, organizing sports events, promoting new sport branches, politics of sports development, or you just want to get involved in the education system and take part in the organized programmed physical development of the students, to motivate them to play sports, to discover young sporting talents and to guide them towards certain sports in a proper manner.

Overview of the study program

The study program at the Faculty of Sport and Sports Management at AUE FON is created following the set standards and regulations of the European Qualification Framework (ISCO classification), which is accepted by the state. It is compatible with several of the top 100 universities of the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities list, more specifically with the faculties that offer sports management programs and sport and physical education programs and are ranked as the best in the field.

The purpose of the Sport and Sports Management study program, with its two modules: Sport and Physical Education and Sports Management, is to provide a modern and high-quality educational process to the future students for their permanent scientific, professional, and specialized development. In that way, physical education, sport, and sports management will be linked constructively to the social environment, and the awareness of the need for such professionals will rise to a higher level.

The four-year study programs are a comprehensive set designed for educating staff, for running sports organizations, sports managers - agents of athletes, as well as including athletes in the business world after their professional career.

The professional teaching staff in sport and physical education during the academic studies will acquire competencies for quality management of sports activities in the teaching of all levels of education. On the other hand, management is a major contribution to the development of sports as well, so the sports management academic staff are a key resource factor in the proper organizational setting, and they enable a smooth transfer of information and sports knowledge. In that manner, the current education of the professionals in this field in our faculty is of particular importance for the practice, as well as for the scientific research work, and the need for such professionals is constantly growing.


Competencies acquired by studying

With the completion of the studies at the Faculty of Sports Management with a degree in Sport and Physical Education and Sports Management, the graduate student acquires a highly specialized and professional ability with fundamental theoretical, methodological, and applied knowledge in the areas of:

  • Sports methodology;
  • Kinesiological measurements and research;
  • Technique and tactics;
  • Functional anatomy and physiology;
  • Sports psychology and pedagogy;
  • Sports management;
  • Sports marketing;
  • Sponsorship relations and production of sporting events;
  • Sports branding;
  • Management of sports facilities;
  • Sports tourism.

Employment opportunities

A BA in Sports Management will lead you to a profession in:

  • Administration of sports clubs;
  • Agency of Youth and Sport;
  • National sports federations;
  • Local sports associations;
  • Marketing agencies;
  • Sports and recreational organizations;
  • Management of sports facilities and sports matters in hotel resorts, camps;
  • Management of wellness and spa centers;
  • Management of sports schools for different types of sports.

A BA in Sports pedagogy - professor of sport and physical education – will lead you to a profession in:

  • Primary and secondary education;
  • Kindergartens;
  • Higher education;
  • School sports clubs;
  • School sports sections.

Student practice

During their studies, students have a mandatory practice in schools (in sports classes, health education classes, and sports activities) and in organizing sports events, in sports clubs, federations, and government bodies responsible for sport, under the expert supervision of professors - mentors. In this way, students are directly involved in everyday activities and the issues that may occur in their functioning, they become familiar with the specifics of management and administration, the professional work of the teacher, coach, and athletes, as well as the daily presence of all kinds of training to get to know different sports.

Due to the contacts that AUE FON has made (or that are in progress) with other higher education institutions in our country and abroad, and with successful sports organizations, the best students have the opportunity to conduct part of their practice there, while gaining valuable experience in building their future career.

By engaging directly in the work of sports organizations through daily meetings, the students establish contacts with the athletes, administrators, and executives, which is crucial to their employment after graduation. Through their practice, students working on specific problems apply their acquired knowledge and develop the necessary skills, since the combination of formal education and work experience gained while studying is the best guarantee for creating a successful career in the future.

Career Center

The Career Center at AUE FON mediates in the recruitment of students during the studies. By direct involvement in the work of sports organizations through the everyday encounters, students will establish contacts with athletes, administrative and managerial people, which will be of great benefit for their employment after the graduation. Through their practice and working on specific problems, students apply their acquired knowledge and develop necessary skills, because the fusion of formal education and work experience acquired during the period of studying is the best guarantee for creating a successful future career.



Guest lecturers

Renowned Macedonian athletes and sports experts participate as guest lecturers in the theoretical and practical part of the teaching.

Among the many, we would point out: Indira Kastratovic, Vladimir Bogoevski, Sasho Popovski (PhD), Vasil Tupurkovski (PhD), Blagoja Georgievski - Bushtur, Shaban Sejdiu, Milosh Vuchidolov (PhD), Dimitrija Popovski (PhD), Atanas Kostovski, Aleksandar Tasevski, Ruzhdija Kalach MA, Zdravko Trojachanec (PhD), Jovan Poposki, Zoran Handzhiski (PhD), and others.

Out of the world-renowned sports professionals who are lecturers, we would like to mention Vincent Del Bosque Gonzalez, top sports manager, coach of the Spanish national football team until recently.

Activities of the Faculty

To enrich the teaching process and in the interest of the students and their knowledge, the Faculty of Sports Management organizes a range of activities, out of which we point out:

  • Visit and familiarization with the activities of the Macedonian Olympic Committee;
  • Visit and lecture at the premises of the Sports Union of the City of Skopje;
  • Introduction to the functioning of the Association of Sports Federations of Macedonia;
  • Organizational structure and implementation of physical education classes;
  • Participation in the organization of international and national sports events;
  • Field teaching in skiing;
  • Sports tourism;
  • Summer camping;
  • Debates, lectures, and training for the need for sports management, innovative technologies in the field of teaching, and early sports selection;
  • Participation in scientific conferences.

Our students – top athletes (SPORTS alumni)

It is our pleasure that in the last twelve years we have been the choice of many top athletes and other relevant people in sports. The faculty maintains continuous communication with its graduate and postgraduate students, who realize their professional accomplishment in national and international sports institutions, with some of them being:

  • Emil Rajkovic – coach of FC “Astana”, and coach of Kazakhstan's basketball team;
  • Dejan Lekic – sports event manager of the European Basketball Federation - FIBA - Champions League;
  • Vuk Karanovic – development program manager at the European Volleyball Federation – CEV;
  • Goran Kirov – first coach of FC “Oberwinterthur” – Winterthur (Switzerland), fitness trainer and football team coach at Zumikon International School – Zurich (Switzerland);
  • Vlatko Trajchevski – volleyball coach;
  • Ilija Martinoski – tennis coach at tennis club “Tennis Park”, Skopje;
  • Goran Stamenov – professor in sports gymnasium and swimming coach in SC “Vardar 2018”, Skopje;
  • Elena Churkoska – general secretary of the Kayak Federation of Macedonia;
  • Vane Milkov – coach of FC “Belasica”;
  • Predrag Janchevski – co-founder and editor of the sports news web portal “Javi se juzna”;
  • Natasha Andonova – captain of the Macedonian women's national football team;
  • Goran Nasto – Agency of Youth and Sport – youth sector;
  • Gordana Naceva, MA – sports director;
  • Stevche Alushevski, MA – coach of HC “Vardar”, Skopje;
  • Aleksandar Todorovski, MA – coach of the Macedonian men's basketball team;
  • Igor Paskoski, MA – coach in judo club “Mioki”, Skopje;
  • Vesna Balazoska Miloshevic, MA – sports administrator, sports center “Biljanini Izvori”, Ohrid;
  • Zlatko Janakievski, MA – personal fitness coach in top sport;
  • Kristijan Kajchevski, MA – professor in sports gymnasium and fitness coach in sports clubs;
  • Borche Jovanovski, MA – Nordic ski team selector.

What they said about us?

Statements of students and experts in the field of sports in Macedonia.

Tomche Brajanovski, a graduate student at the Faculty of Sports Management:

I am creative and I love challenges, I have always been interested in sports, I have invested in it, and I wanted to contribute to its development in our country. I did not know how to accomplish that, to make a career, to initiate and realize my ideas, to utilize my energy and sportsmanship. The study program at the Faculty of Sports Management at FON University enabled me to do so. In addition to the theoretical knowledge, I also receive the best practical training through which, apart from the excellent and open teaching staff, I can learn from already proven athletes and prominent people in Macedonian sport.

I simply educate and guide myself in my sporting and managerial career. I have combined the good with the useful.

Robertina Mechevska, member of the national handball team – a graduate student at the Faculty of Sport and Sports Management:

I enrolled at the School of Sports Management because it was the first faculty that combined sport and management in Macedonia, and it seemed like a chance to improve my knowledge and progress in my career as a handball player. I am satisfied with the curriculum and the fact that the faculty offers excellent study conditions. As a member of the national handball team, for me, it was very important for me to have the support of the professors in achieving my athletic goals by adjusting to my professional obligations toward the state.

Sasho Popovski, general secretary of the Macedonian Olympic Committee:

The need for collaboration with a higher educational institution in respect of the academic development of athletes/students is huge. Especially in the 21st century, when science is deeply connected to sports results, the Macedonian Olympic Committee believes that cooperation with FON University will bring long-term quality benefits. The importance of science, following the latest scientific researches, keeping statistics and generally, the involvement and practical implementation of these is an extremely important aspect for the development of sport in the state.

MOC in alliance with AUE FON, through implementing the latest scientific achievements and involvement of modern sports managers in the sports system, can provide much better conditions for our athletes and thus achieve the highest sport and Olympic achievements.

Indira Kastratovich, the world’s best handball right back, top scorer:

When we talk about sports today, they play a larger and broader role in every community than before. For many people, besides having a competitive nature, sports also represent an everyday way of living and a source of positive energy. Sports have become an important form of economic activity in society, and the sports industry is an important economic area. Due to these reasons, Macedonia requires the education of highly qualified professionals in the sports business.

The Macedonian sport, in particular, had no professionals in the area of sports management before the FON studies, who are necessary for the sports clubs, as well as the other systems of sport (sports federations, sports facilities, etc.).

The importance of educating sports managers is of great relevance for several reasons. The sports managers will find professional engagement in public administration and the private sector (both profit and non-profit). I give my full support to the Faculty of Sports Management so more professionals can get involved in planning, organizing, managing and controlling sports activities.

Aleksandar Tasevski, former volleyball national team player, a participant in the Olympic Games and holder of European honors:

What was long missing, and it was more than needed, was sports management indeed. Modern understanding of the development of sport in the world is closely connected with management, and the fact that the Faculty of Sports Management at FON University has been working successfully for several years guarantees that Macedonia is slowly coming closer to other countries that have long practiced this development. I sincerely hope that the Faculty of Sports Management will continue to create this type of professionals, which is a guarantee that we will have quality and thus faster growth in the sport in general.