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School of Design and Multimedia

School of Design and Multimedia

The aim of the school of Design and Multimedia is to educate students to become designers in the following areas: graphic design, multimedia and fashion design.  The curriculum of the Faculty of Design and Multimedia supports the high quality and contemporary teaching methodology of the Faculty. The primary goal of the Faculty staff is to engage students in an elaborate educational, artistic and scientific context, thus preparing them for a successful career in the future.

The high demand of the industry, media, cultural and art institutions, as well as in other fields, for highly educated employees in the area of design and multimedia is the foundation for the educational, experimental, artistic, scientific and professional activities of the Faculty.

The curriculum of the School of Design and Multimedia is compatible with the relevant curricula of world famous Universities.  The academic goal of the curriculum equips students with knowledge, professionalism and expertise in the field of design.

Design and multimedia are exceptionally complex disciplines, powerful in their creative and experimental aspects. The fine art portfolio, creative initiatives and ideas, the interdisciplinary dimension of the design and multimedia characterize the contemporary creative communication, hence the need for a continuous investment in the study of this field. Design and multimedia, in their essence, are linked with artistic skills and knowledge and as such directly contribute to the quality and improvement of life. 

The School of Design and Multimedia offers first and second cycle of studies. The structure of the studies is 4+1, where the first cycle of studies lasts 4 years and students gain minimum 240 credits (ECTS), whereas the second cycle lasts 1 year, and students are awarded 60 credits (ECTS). 

The professional aims ensure that students also gain practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge in the field of design, developing further expertise in one of the offered sub-disciplines (graphic design, multimedia and fashion design.)

Stream: Graphic design

The purpose of this stream is to educate graphic designers, as future creators of graphic products and communication. 

Students are trained for creative work in designing graphic products, compatible to the curriculum of same or similar study programs in the world.  During their studies, the students gain knowledge and skills required for creating and practical realization of graphic and artistic presentations, with the aim of establishing a visual communication, conveying a certain message. 

Stream: Multimedia

In Multimedia as a chosen stream, we educate designers who create systems of visual and audio media and communications. These designers, with their acquired knowledge and skills, are equipped to design and define messages which carry a wide spectrum communication. For these purposes, the curriculum in this stream includes: digital video, editing, audio, animation and other. 

During their studies, students learn to create media designs which convey communicative, cultural, educational and other functions, using the power of text, image and tone as chosen tools. 

Multimedia is a new branch of design studies, which is constantly developing and gaining in importance within the system of communication in the world.  This provides excellent employment perspectives for multimedia designers across the globe.

Stream: Fashion design

In the Fashion design stream students are educated to create one of the most attractive products – fashion products.  These designers are especially relevant for the industry, small enterprises, markets and commerce, as well as generally for society. Due to fashion design, functionality, aesthetics and ergonomics, fashion items have reached high levels, positioning thus fashion among the most appealing design disciplines. 

The students in this stream develop understanding of design, with an accent on fashion design and its industry, textile, fashion accessories, as well as an appreciation of current fashion styles and tendencies. In addition, students also study about the development of concepts and design solutions for fashion collections, their craftsmanship and presentation. The curriculum is carefully created to enable students to envisage designs of new fashion trends which transmits an exceptional economic, social, aesthetic and psychological influence on people.