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One of the most typical attributes of the American University of Europe – FON is the permanent care for the professional development and careers of its students and alumni. Merging formal and informal education, in cooperation with the public and private sector of our country, the Career and alumni center of AUE-FON continuously strives to enhance both personal and professional development of its students.

Based upon an institutionalized system the Career and alumni center of AUE-FON utilizes high quality and effective tutoring programmes and trainings, focusing entirely on the students in order for them to achieve measurable results as well as acquire the necessary competences, thus ensuring labor market competitiveness.

These are part of the activities organized by the Career and alumni center of AUE-FON:

  • Career counseling and tutoring programmes;
  • Teaching and training;
  • Summer schools and conferences;
  • Cooperation with companies and internship for the students;
  • Employment recommendations;
  • Scholarships;
  • Building and strengthening the relations with AUE-FON alumni;
  • Lifelong learning;
  • Career and alumni fair.

The Career and alumni fair organized by Career and alumni center of AUE-FON is where students communicate directly with the employers and present a valuable opportunity for the students to acquire relevant information for their career planning and professional development. The fair creates real prospects for the students, aiding them into finding jobs, internships, trainee positions, also participate in projects, seminars, trainings, research, or in a word become registered into employers databases.



The career and alumni center fulfills the needs of the students and alumni of the American University of Europe – FON, however it stays open for any interested party, i.e. participants into the educational system such as: high school students, professors, tutors, as well as members of the private and public enterprises (employees, managers etc.) The center provides a wide range of services accustomed to the specific needs of its users, delivered by a team of professionals and well trained students, in cooperation with public and private institutions as well as education and nonprofit sectors. Through its open office at the American University of Europe, the Web page and media promotions, the Career and alumni center is not beneficial only for the students of AUE-FON, but for anyone able to recognize it as the most appropriate place for personal and professional development and career.