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Prof. Biljana Puleska Janushevska, PhDFaculty of Law and Political Sciences

Message from the Rector

The years from high school graduation to gaining a higher education diploma are years spent in a quality academic environment, years spent in creativity, learning, intellectual energy and overall expansion of the boundaries of human knowledge and understanding. AUE - FON University is a place that responds to the challenges of the rapid transformation of society, a place for intellectual development, education, but also a Community that creates sense of belonging. AUE - FON is not just an institution, but also an entity with heart and soul.

With a tradition of academic excellence, the main mission of AUE - FON is fully focused on the implementation of universal educational values ​​with special emphasis on the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies of our students, in order to raise the level of their employability.

AUE - FON has accredited programs for first and second cycle academic and professional studies in the scientific fields of technical and technological sciences, social sciences and humanities in Macedonian, Albanian and English language according to the highest European standards using state-of-the-art technology, halls, equipped laboratories, amphitheaters, reading rooms and a library.

The approach oriented towards international cooperation and internationalization is a priority in the educational process of AUE - FON. We deliver study programs together with foreign universities that are our partners, and thus the opportunity for our students to regularly participate in academic mobility programs and gain cross-border experience.

Guided by experienced teaching staff, we nurture the professor-student relationship at the highest level. This relationship, which is implicitly established throughout the study, develops step by step in a dynamic, competitive and transparent academic environment that patterns generations of young economists, lawyers, political scientists, architects, developers, designers, criminologists, sports managers, professors of sports, languages ​​and literatures and other profiles that are fully ready to integrate into local, regional and global labor market.

In addition to formal education, our students are able to make informed career choices and gain practical skills relevant to the real needs of the workplace. In addition, our students can demonstrate and develop their abilities in sports and arts and participating in various projects for socialization and social responsibility. Our goal is to produce professionals, intellectuals who have diverse wisdom and foresight, and who will apply their intellect and progressive visions for the purpose of emerging society.