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Joint degree CIFE, Nice, France

American University - FON and the Centre International de Formation Européenne – CIFE have introduced a joint degree programme in Advanced European Union Integration Studies. CIFE is the oldest euro-federalist institute in Europe, formed in 1954 in Nice, and one of the six institutions which benefit from the Jean Monnet Programme "Support for specified institutions pursuing an aim of European interest" of the European Commision. President of CIFE is the former President of the European Council of the EU, Mr. Herman Van Rompuy. Previously, the President of CIFE was the former European Commision President, Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker.  

The aim of the joint degree is to provide skills for the understanding of the institutional, legal-political and economic framework of the EU, including the essential aspects of the Western Balkans EU integration. Professional skills and competencies for working with and for the EU, such as negotiation, analytical and project management skills will be underlined. Shortly, the programme is targeted at students and professionals who have completed their studies in humanities, social sciences and law and are interested in pursuing a degree in Advanced EU Integration Studies. Courses are taught in english language and by the best european and local experts in the field.

Successful completion of the study programmes leads to a joint degree issued by AUE - FON and CIFE.

  • The academic degree (title) obtained upon successful completion of the one - year study programme of 60 ECTS and 300 ECTS including first and second cycle of studies is Master in Advanced European Union Integration Studies.

Requirements for Applicants:

  • Candidates who completed four-year undergraduate studies or undergraduate + postgraduate studies - with a total of 240 ECTS in a relevant area of study
  • Additional admission requirements shall apply to candidates with previous education in areas not closely related to the above study programme.


  • High-quality education following international standards, provided by reputable national and European experts
  • Insight into theory and practice, essential for the EU - related programmes and projects
  • A study trip and visit to the major EU institutions based in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg. 
  • Joint degree with national and international accreditation[1]
  • Opening up opportunities for professional development and employment in the EU institutions.

Methods of payment:

  • Tuition fee - 2200 euros, 1100 euros per semester
  • Scholarship opportunities: fully-funded or partial scholarships.

For further details, contact the following email address: mark.janura@fon.edu.mk


[1] CIFE is a private institution in the higher education sector, based in Nice, with subsidiaries in Brussels, Berlin and Istanbul. Joint degree obtained certifies successful completion of the above academic programme, with the envisioned ECTS at postgraduate level of studies.