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American University of Europe-FON and the NIKOB Group


Can I work while studying?
YES, you can work while studying.
The American University of Europe-FON and the NIKOB group as one of the top 100 most successful companies today signed a Memorandum with which the students of AUE-FON will have an exclusive opportunity to gain practical work, to obtain security licenses and to work part time and full time at this price company, while performing their academic duties smoothly.
The purpose of the practical program "Study and work" is to help the student to develop skills and abilities that support professional studies and also prepare the student for work. The priorities for innovative practical approach in teaching and learning at AUE-FON are fully identified with the innovative approaches in education for achieving excellent results among students.
This is a great opportunity for our students to learn important skills that will help them become professionals in their future profession practical learning is a key contribution to the process of innovation in education, to spoieme theory and practice SAFE START YOUR CAREER!
Be part of the new time.