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As part of an official ceremony, the 2021/22 generation of AUE-FON students sat for their first academic class, which was held for the new generation of students at the American University of Europe - FON. 

The Provost of AUE-FON, Dr. Mirko Tripunoski, in a formal address, welcomed the new generation of students. Students showed their growing interest in being a part of a modern and democratic education system where they can learn from professors that will always be available to answer their questions and model knowledge, skills, and competencies recognized in our country and abroad. 

The first academic class was addressed by the university professor Dr. Robert Arthur, who is in charge of the implementation of the American system at AUE-FON. Originally from Canada, Dr. Arthur has worked at many Liberal Arts universities for over 20 years and shared his vision of innovations in education and plans for their implementation at AUE-FON, which was welcomed by the students, academic staff, and industry representatives.

There were others as well. Dr. Vera Sotirovska holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction and had spent a number of years studying and researching at universities in the United States. Dr. Sotirovska is a beneficiary of a Fulbright scholarship and a new employee of AUE-FONHer academic experiences in the USA will be of great importance for AUE-FON and for the implementation of the US education system, which is important because it provides numerous opportunities for the personal, professional, and academic development of the students. Student-centered and interdisciplinary teaching are the pillars of the US education system, said Dr. Sotirovska. 

The new members of our large academic family were also welcomed by the General Manager, Mr. Sefer Canoski, who introduced the program entitled, Work and Study, scholarships opportunities, and other novelties that are in line with the modern Liberal Arts education system. 

The ceremony took place in front of the University, in compliance with the state-mandated COVID regulations and the measures prescribed by the Law on Safe Presence for open-air events.