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The American University of Europe-FON, today at a solemn ceremony awarded the title of honorary doctor or "Doctor Honoris Causa" to Mr. Ilhan Quchuk, MEP and rapporteur of the European Parliament for the Republic of North Macedonia. The ceremony on the occasion of the awarding of the title of "Honorary Doctor" to MEP Ilhan Quchuk was attended by numerous guests, ministers, ambassadors and representatives from the top of the state, including the Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Dimitar Kovachevski, the President of the Assembly Talat Xhaferi, the Minister of Defense Slavjanka Petrova, the Minister of Internal Affairs Oliver Spasovski, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani, as well as the former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

The co-owner of the American University of Europe - FON, M.Sc. Sefer Canoski, in front of the present guests, congratulating the MEP Ilhan Quchuk on the title of honorary doctor, emphasized that this recognition is given to a young man who, with his potential, shows European values ​​every day. According to Canoski, Kyucuk is an example of how to think collectively for the good of all.

"The empathy, work and daily effort he invests in his career, fueled by honesty, openness even in a difficult time of challenges, shows that they are real values ​​that always come to the surface", the owner of the American University of Europe emphasized in his address - FON, Sefer Canoski. The President of the Senate of AUE - FON, prof. Dr. Nasser Etemi explained to the present guests that the title of honorary doctor is awarded to MEP Quchuk for his contribution to the development of scientific thought, culture and higher education, as well as for his help in the process of European integration of the Republic of North Macedonia.

"As a member of the European Parliament, Mr. Kyuchuk has made a significant contribution to the promotion of AUE-FON in the European framework. On his initiative, in January 2022, our university held the first conference "Civil Contribution in Building Trust, togetherness and alliance", in order to overcome the differences and bring the two people and states closer through a civic initiative and through a series of conferences on cooperation in the field of education, culture and youth. With his support, AUE - FON and the teaching staff established themselves and achieved significant international collaborations, especially with universities from neighboring Bulgaria. Ilhan Kyuchuk is a productive, respected and influential person who, with his activities, not only significantly helps in the process of European integration of the Republic of North Macedonia in the EU, but helps for the internationalization and Europeanization and development of the Macedonian academic and civil community", said the president of the Senate of AUE-FON, prof. Dr. Nasser Etemi.

Expressing his gratitude to the American University of Europe - FON and to the owner Sefer Canoski for the honor of being awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa, Ilhan Kyucuk emphasized that this is a recognition not only for him as a politician and citizen, but also for the parties from the liberal family that also represents for whom education is the highest value in the modern world. Education gives progress and development to every society. Education is a means of bringing people together, of connecting societies. Education gives the vision of a country. And the innovative, modern and world-class quality education that the American University of Europe - FON offers to its graduates is a guarantee that the Republic of North Macedonia confidently follows the path of values ​​that will make it part of the Euro-Atlantic world. As a permanent reporter of the European Parliament as my cause, the right of the Republic of North Macedonia to fully independently defend its rightful place in Europe, to seek new partnerships and friendships. And I believe that with the help of Bulgaria, the time will not be far when the flag of North Macedonia will fly in Brussels, next to the flag of the EU member states. North Macedonia chose the path to build a multi-ethnic society in which everyone coexists", highlighted MEP Ilhan Quchuk in his address to the present guests.