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The American University of Europe - FON today at a formal event, which was attended by high-ranking representatives from the top of the state, promoted the new study programs that allow students to obtain double degrees with international universities from Germany, France and Bulgaria. As a result of the intensive international cooperation, the students of AUE - FON can receive a double degree in the field of business economics, management and finance for the first and second cycle of studies at the State University of Applied Sciences from Mitteveda, Germany, as well as at the Higher School of Insurance and Finance - a private university from Sofia, Bulgaria. Together with the European Center for International Education from Nice, France (Centre International de Formation Européenne – CIFE), the university also offers a study program for advanced postgraduate studies on integration in the European Union. In the part of non-formal education, AUE - FON in cooperation with ThriveDX from Israel, starting this academic year with specialized trainings for digital skills in the field of saber security, based on a unique electronic platform for training and designed to successfully prepare personnel for various work positions in the field of cyber security.

The rector of the American University of Europe - FON, prof. Dr. Biljana Puleska Janushevska emphasized to the present guests that although international academic cooperation is a regular activity of the university, this time the priority was fully dedicated to creating additional opportunities for access to quality learning and personal development of students according to the needs of the labor market. Ensuring the quality of the educational process and creating competitive knowledge and skills is the top priority of AUE - FON.

"Agreements for joint or double degrees will not only expand knowledge and competencies, but are created to create additional opportunities for individuals and to overcome long procedures for the recognition of higher education qualifications within the European Education Area. Dual programs are invaluable academically perspective, but let's not forget the opportunity that young people love the most: to learn about new cultures and gain practical work abroad", emphasized the rector of AUE - FON, Puleska Janushevska.

Serge Velesco, the dean for international educational cooperation, from the University of Applied Sciences in Mitveda, Republic of Germany, in his video address to the audience, emphasized that in the last 10 years, they have registered over 200 graduate students from 8 different countries in Europe, exactly as result of mutual cooperation with different universities.

"Our recent research has shown that all of our university's dual degree graduates are employed and have successful careers. "Continue in your own development and initiate new study programs, in order to provide students with new perspectives," said Velesco.

The rector of the University of Insurance and Finance (VUZF) from Sofia, prof. Doctor of Law Sciences, Boris Velchev speaking about the cooperation with the American University of Europe - FON expressed belief that through education, science, culture and business relations will build a bridge in the development of good-neighborly relations between Bulgaria and North Macedonia and will bring the peoples closer together.

"We made sure that in the person of AUE FON we have a partner that provides the highest standard of educational programs. As a result, an opportunity was opened for our students to obtain two diplomas - Macedonian and Bulgarian - with minimal additional effort. In the wide range of economic diploma and master's programs that we offer, every Macedonian student can acquire a Bulgarian diploma, which is and a European diploma recognized in the EU and to find his professional future. Through our close business partnerships and contacts with large Bulgarian companies, we will offer Macedonian students the opportunity to practice in a new business environment. In turn, we will also encourage our students from Bulgaria to choose the programs from AUE - FON and supplement their knowledge", said Boris Velchev, the rector of VUZF University from Sofia.

Roy Zur, the founder and CEO of ThriveDX from Israel expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation with AUE - FON which becomes the regional cyber security center for the Western Balkans. Our joint mission with AUE-FON is to bridge the gap with the shortage of cybersecurity professionals. The collaboration with the university is part of our global activities and efforts to bring together educational institutions, government agencies, security systems and companies, to protect the digital world. We are confident that our partnership will have a significant positive impact on the region, protecting societies, economies and companies from cyber attacks, while at the same time creating career opportunities for talented individuals," said ThriveDX CEO Roy Zur. In addition to the promotion of double degrees, a debate on "Youth and education as the key to a stronger Euro-Atlantic alliance" was held today. The common conclusion of the debate by the participants was that leadership, wisdom and vision are needed in the decision-making process in order to ensure a better common future for all citizens in our country, but also in the region. It is necessary to help the Europeanization process through a long-term strategy and investment in education. The debate was attended by Kira Rudik, MP in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and vice-president of ALDE, Solomon Passi, president of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, Ismet Ramadani, former MP and president of the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia, Monika Zajkova, MP and president of the Youth Club in The RSM Assembly, then Cetin Kazak, former member of the European Union and professor at New Bulgarian University, as well as Nano Ruzhin, former ambassador to NATO and professor at AUE-FON.