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Ass. Prof. Dr.sc Arlinda Kadri

Faculty of Law & Political Science

Function: Law


Name and surname: Doc. Dr. Arlinda Kadri Shahinovik

Lecturer title: Docent

Short narrative biography: 

 - PhD in Law Studies Civil Law, Faulty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” – Skopje, 2016. Doctorate dissertation subject “Marriage obstacles in the Roman and contemporary family law” - Master Degree in Law – European Law, 2009. Master thesis “Marriage obstacles” on the First Private Universiy FON - Law Undergraduate Degree – European Law – Skopje, 2007 - I have started my academic engagements in 2007 as junior assistant at the University FON. Since 2010 I am an associate for law studies at the Faculty of Law on FON University as an assistant. - In 2016 I am appointed as a lecturer in the area of academic law disciplines with the title Docent.

I have started the academic engagement in 2005 at the University FON. Between 2005 and 2009 I have been a collaborator for law subjects at the Faculty of Law on FON University as an assistant. In 2009 I am appointed as lecturer in the area of law disciplines with the title Docent, and in april 2014, lecturer in the area of international law as an associate professor. Since then I have lecturers engagements for international law for the subjects: international public law, international private law, arbitration law and international trade law at the Faculty of Law and political sciences at FON University. I have participated in several working groups at the university and multiple international conferences while being actively participating in several professional committees at the Faculty for Law at FON university as well as participation in projects.

Subjects you have given lecture to in the past and currently

1. Roman law

2. Family law

3. Наследно law

4. Судско право

5. Introduction to law

6. Administrative law

7. Mandatory law practice

8. Вонпарнично и извршно право

Subject and areas in which you mentor graduate and master thesis

Family law, Наследно право

Research interests

My research interests are generally evolving around subjects and issues concerning family law and наследното право

Publications: In academic magazines, зборници or books:

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