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Jasmina Trajkoska Naumoska, PhD

Born: 01.04.1985 in Prilep

Work experience: 


2016 onwards Assistant Professor at Faculty of Political Science FON- University 


2010 –2016 Teaching Assistant at Faculty of Political Sciences FON - University

2015 one of the founders’ of Center for Deliberative Democracy “Dialogue”


2016 General Secretary of Macedonian Political Science Association




Finished PhD University Ss. “Cyril and Methodius”- Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Researching about: “Interethnic conflicts in the European Union today and economic consequences of those” (2011-2016)

Finished MA in Diplomacy and International Politics at FON University-Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

MA research: “Diplomatic methods and interethnic conflict solution in Former Yugoslavia” (2007-2010)

BA in Diplomacy and International Politics at FON- University- Skopje, Republic of Macedonia (2003-2007)


Training and courses:

October 2017 Participant at Evidence based policy in Erasmus +, Seminar on research and methodology, Warsaw, Poland 

July 2017 Participant at Leadership Academy for development organized by the Stanford University and Faculty of Political Science – University of Sarajevo

June 2017 Participant on International Summer School, The Role of NATO and Challenges in the Western Balkan

Маy 2017 Participant on course Divided Societies XX in Interuniversity center Durovnik

August 2014 Participant on European Alpbach Forum, Austria

June 2014  Participant  on summer school 2014 Summer Program in War and Peace in Sarajevo

April 2014 Participant on course : “Challenges of Europe: The Quest of citizenship” in Inter niversity Center in Dubrovnik

August 2013 Participant on ECMI Summer school- National Minorities and Border region in Flensburg

October 2012 Participant on World forum for Democracy in Strasbourg

September 2012 Participant on 18th CEI International summer school – Beyond Enlargement. The Wider Europe and the New neighborhood

July 2012 Future EU leaders academy What about Europe 2020? In Prague

April 2012 Participant on course: “Diversity in Europe” in Interuniversity Centre in Dubrovnik

2011 School of Public Policy “Mother Theresa” which is part of a network of sixteen schools of political studies organized in cooperation with the Council of Europe; Participant  

2011 Summer school for young professionals, “The challenges of global security” in Slovakia and Ukraine

2010 Bled Strategic forum 2011,


Academic papers/Conferences 


17-20 June, speaker on Conference about: Status of national minorities in the states after the dissolution of Yugoslavija in Novi Sad- organized by Center for regionalism in Novi Sad  


12-15 May,  speaker on panel discussion on University of Poznan about “Social and cultural contexts of European integration for the countries of Western Balkan”


3 Декември 2018, speaker on Conference on Faculty of political science in Belgrade about “Serbia and Kosovo relations and the security in south-eastern Europe” organized by Center for Applied European Studies 


2019. Јосипа Ризанкоска и Јасмина Трајкоска, Journal of Liberty and International affairs Vol.5.No.1, Explaining public support for the Law on the use of languages in Macedonia, достапно на: details&id=15_1&fbclid=IwAR2UQ0d5etTprpK2JLvBY-7yRanySfr0UziMD_U3kGIzhR7OHSjR_ryFLP8 

2019, Josipa Rizankoska and Jasmina Trajkoska, Southeaster Europe 43.1: BRILL, A Social Movement in the First Person Singular: The Colours of the  “Colorful Revolution in North Macedonia”, DOI:10.1163/18763332-04301001


2018, Јасмина Трајкоска, KNOWLEDGE-International Journal, Vol 26.1, Inter-ethnic relations in the European Union and the concept of European civil society. ISSN 2545-4439, ISSN 1857-923X


2018, Jasmina Trajkoska and Josipa Rizankoska, KNOWLEDGE-International Journal, Vol 22.3, ‘Ethnocetrism and party politics: are political parties devoted to the project of building multicultural Macedonian society on the path to EU?’. ISSN 2545-4439, ISSN 1857-923X


2017, Josipa Rizankoska and Jasmina Trajkoska, Journal Political Thought No.53 , 

‘The Colorful Revolution’ and the movement ‘For a Shared Macedonia’ symbols of an awakening participatory civic culture or indicators of deep party divisions in Macedonian society- a case study Prilep” available at: 


2016,  Ali Pajaziti, Ylber Sela, Jasmina Trajkoska, Center of Post-Communist Political Studies (CEPOS/ CESPO) University of Craiova, Faculty of Social Sciences, Romania,  “Multiculturalism in a Post (crisological) society: From Wrong Acceptation to a New Pluralistic Society-Building Approach”, accessible at: 

2016, Али Пајазити, Илбер Села, Јасмина Трајкоска, Megjunaroden Slavjanski Univerzitet , Conference Man and Society: Civil Society in a Post Socialistic Countries, “Critical Diversity: Building Interculturalism 15 years after a conflict”;ISSN (print)1857-9299, ISSN(online)18579302, accessible at: 

2016, Josipa Rizankoska and Jasmina Trajkoska, Journal of Liberty and International affairs, “The implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement, true party commitment towards better inter-ethnic cohabitation in Macedonia or a strategic tool for party competition? Available at: 


 2015, Jasmina Trajkoska and Josipa Rizankoska, International Yearbook Faculty of Security 2015/1, „The European Union as a factor of stability and a promoter of a good inter-ethnic relations in Macedonia”, ISSN1857-6508, available at:;jsessionid=b8eee5c31e315eea540e0e0dc0d1?file=collectionyear/2015.pdf , page:129


2015 at University in Beograd, Faculty on political science, Conference: New Europe and its periphery, a Paper titled as European civic society real perspective or mission impossible?, available at: , page.73


2015 at London School of Economics: ASEN Conference. Topic: Nationalism and Diversity. Presenting a Paper titled as "The implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement a true party commitment towards better inter-ethnic cohabitation in Macedonia or just a party competition strategic tool?"

2014 in Tirana, Republic of Albania, International scientific forum; Paper title:” The impact of BRICS from economic, legal and political aspects in the international community”,  European Scientific Journal, 2014, Special edition, vol.1 ISSN:1857-7881, (Print ) e- ISSN 1857-7431, available at: 

2012, Belgrad, Republic of Serbia, Eight international conference on reconciliation, tolerance and human security in the Balkans; Paper title -“New Balkans" Basic Structure - Geopolitical, Ethnic/National and Religious Reality – “West Balkan and European Union”

2012, Belgrad, Republic of Serbia, International conference of the Police Academy in Belgrade; Paper title: “The role of police in the protection of personal security for the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia. ''Dani Arcibalda Rajsa'' in the Second Volume (ISBN 978-86-7020-190-3 i ISBN
978-86-7020-220-7, UDC 343.9.02:351.746.2(497.7) ( page.663)



  • 2015, Ali Pajaziti, Ylber Sela, Jasmina Trajkoska,  Multiculturalism in Macedonia: Case study of Kumanovo, Institute for political and international studies, founded by the Government of R.Macedonia, Secretariat for implementation of Ohrid agreement 

  • 2018, Project Coordinator, Impact assessment of the regulation on the use of languages by the part of the Network for better legislation – “RIA Network”, and the sub-granting organizations of the project ‘ Regulatory Impact Assessment in the Shadow ; Fostering evidence- based policy making’, Publication is available at:  


Languages: English, Serbian and Bulgarian.

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