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Assoc. Prof. Mr.art Igor Shokarovski

Faculty of Design and Multimedia

Function: Dean, Design

E-mail: igor.shokarovski@fon.edu.mk

Scientific field: Film and television directing, Film and television screenplay writing, Film and television camera operating (DOP), Film and television editing, Television and radio drama acting, Multimedia, Animation, Photography.

Subjects of lecturing in Faculty of Design and Multimedia:

First cycle degree programme - Graduate studies: Basics of Multimedia,Computer Animation, Аudio Visual editing, Computer Techniques of Multimedia, Digital Photography,Multimedia, Basic of History and Theory of Photography

Second cycle degree programme - Postgraduate studies: Video Design, Interactive Multimedia, Art Directing, 3D Modeling, Marketing in Design, Advanced level of Digital Photography, Advanced level of Multimedia, New Media Design.


University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, National Academy of Theatric and Film Art, Sofia, Bulgaria 1998

M.A. Film and TV director

Selected Courses: Film and TV Director, Film and TV Editing, History of Film, History of Art, Theater Director, World Literature, Film Shooting, Inter-medial Practice with Actors, History of Music, Scenegraphy, Screenplay, Animation, Computer animation.

Thesis: Geo-demographic Impact on TV media in the Republic of Macedonia.

Honors: cum laude GPA 6 (equal to GPA 9.30).

Phd. Arts: Ongoing Phd. studies in final stadium.

University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Faculty of Drama’s Art, Skopje, Macedonia 1995

B.A. Film and TV editing

Majors: Film Editing, TV Editing, Dramaturgy, Electronic technique and technology, Animation

Honors: cum laude GPA 9,24.


Macedonian National Television,Skopje, Republic of Macedonia 1996- 2004


Directed various documentary projects. Directed and edited total numbers of 500 documentary films and documentary projects. Coordinated Direct Broadcast from concerts, operas and cultural events. Lead marketing teams on different topics, including governmental issues. Edited weekly entertainment music show. Chief Director of TV games of Macedonian National Lottery. Edited and Directed total numbers of 1060 projects in the Macedonian Television.

Macedonian Insurance Company, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia 2000-2001

Expert for photo and video Forensics

Preformed Forensic on editing equipment of local TV station. Presented Expert Opinion.

Association of Macedonian Film Workers, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia 2000-2003


Directed International Film Camera Festival in Bitola, Republic of Macedonia. Actively established and maintain relations with world leading film figures.

Idea Plus DDB marketing agency, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia 2004-2005


Directed various weekly entertainment music show. Edited and directed commercial and music clips.

A1 Television,Skopje, Republic of Macedonia 2005- 2011

Director and Executive producer

Directed various weekly entertainment shows and shows with pets and animals, Director and Executive producer of the quiz “Who wants to be a millionaire” for Macedonia and Albania, director of the quiz „50 50“, director of the Men’s Youth World Handball championship 2008 in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia, Associate coordinator of „Macedonian Idol“,technical supervisor of the daily news on A2 Tv Cable Network, editing and directing of marketing and program advertising clips.

FON University, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia 2012 -Present

Associate professor in Faculty of Design and Multimedia

Subjects of lecturing in Faculty of Design and Multimedia:

Second cycle degree programme-Postgraduate studies:Video Design, Interactive Multimedia, Art Directing, 3D Modeling, Marketing in Design, Advanced level of Digital Photography, Advanced level of Multimedia, New Media Design.

First cycle degree programme-Graduate studies:Basics of Multimedia,Computer Animation, Аudio Visual editing, Computer Techniques of Multimedia, Digital Photography,Multimedia,Basic of History and Theory of Photography


  • Managed Media Presentation of the Association of Single Parents, Skopje, Macedonia. 1998-Present
  • Published Article on Young Directors’ perspective in Macedonia, Student Newspaper of Macedonia. 2000-2010
  • Producer of the advertising movie for “Bislimska Klisura“ (Bislim gorge) near City of Kumanovo, Republic of Macedonia, financed by USAID and Association of local action group for rural development. 2015-2016
  • Founder of „ MacGuffin “ Inc. for producing, directing an classic, animated, advertising and educational, television, movie and multimedia projects. 2014-Present
  • Designer of corporate identity branding of television programme broadcasted by Macedonian National Television (MTV) which includes various shows, genres and programs in Macedonian language, Albanian language, Turkish language, Serbian language, Vlach language and English language. 2014-2016
  • Designer of scenography for broadcasting studios located in Macedonian National Television (MTV) 2014-2016
  • Team coordinator and professor supervisor in charge of overseeing the processes and details of how a team of students reaches a goal in project ”Factory of Knowledge“,a ongoing project of FON University.

Skills and Activities

Fluent in English language, French language, Bulgarian language, Serbian language and Croatian language. Poor German language. Native Macedonian.

Final Cut Pro, Adobe Corel draw, Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects , Adobe Dreamweaver, Autodesk 3ds Max , Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Word, Fortran, AutoCAD. Driving License, currently (2010). Basic Albanian language course attender.


Place of Birth: Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

Family Status: Divorced from Irina (Dimovska) Shokarovska, State consular for International Cooperation in Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia.

Mother: Mirjana Aleksandar Todorovska Shokarovska, bachelor of business administration and economic science in Commercial Bank AD Skopje.

Father: Associate professor Risto Petar Shokarovski, Phd in mathematics, university professor of mathematic, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. (Phd thesis in field of discrete mathematics: „Existence and realization of graphs with predetermined degrees and properties“) .