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Assoc. Prof. Dr.art Antonio Arangjelovikj

Faculty of Design and Multimedia

Function: Design

Title, Name and Surname


Professor Antonio Arangelovic

Short narrative bio (max 250 words)


Antonio Arangelovic is born in Skopje, Macedonia on 23.02.1986. He graduated at the high school for art “Lazar Licenovski”, in the graphic art setc.ion in 2004 in Skopje. He enrolled in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje in 2006 and graduated in 2010; he reserved his master degree in graphic art setc.ion in 2014. From an early age he works in the sphere of Visual Art, comic books, animation, music and graphic design. Up until now, has head three individual art exhibitions, multiple group art exhibitions, published four comic books and one graphic novel, two animated shorts and participated on several festivals; he has head designed couple of front book covers and covers of musical albums, visual identity, book illustrations; he had published over ten musical albums and etc.

Course you have been teaching and courses you are teaching currently


Since 2015 Antonio Arangelovic works as a Professor at the Faculty of Design and Multimedia at the FON University. He’s teaching subjetc. are: Drawing Technics 1, Drawing Technics 2, Graphic Design 1, Graphic Design 2, Storyboard, Comic book design, Graphic Design – advance level 2, Art Aesthetics and Design, Printing Preparations and Motion Picture Design; from 2015 to 2019 he is also teaching the subjetc.s Art Expressions 1 and 2 at the faculty for Architetc.ure at FON University.  

Subjetc.s and research fields of BA, MA, or PhD thesis you’ve supervised and are interested in supervising


He’s subjetc.s and fields of research are: graphic design, visual identity, comic book and etc..

Research interests (and on-going research, if you are conducting one)


Drawing, comic books, traditional and digital graphic art, video art, music, illustration, concept art and etc..

List of published articles (academic journals), texts (in edited books) and books


2010 – comic book: Faceism 1


2011 – comic book: Faceism 2


2012 – comic book: Faceism 3


2016 – musical album: Legia – Legion of The Dammed (total design)


2017 – comic book: Faceism 4


2019 – graphic novel: Some Little Things


1998 – group art exhibition at the private art school “Dega”


2010 – group art exhibition at “Osten”, Skopje


2011 – Individual art exhibition for graphics, drawings and paintings at Y.C.C., Skopje


2012 – participations in the Art Colony in Plav, Monte Negro


2012 – group art exhibition for paintings in Novi Pazar, Serbia


2012 – exhibition  for drawings and paintings in the Japanese spirit in Y.C.C., Skopje


2013 – participations in the Festival for Comic Books exhibition in Leskovac, Serbia.


2013 – Individual art exhibition  for traditional graphics at The Graphics Studio in the Skopje City Museum


2013 – participations in the Art Colony  “Sophia” in Bogdanci, Macedonia


2013 – group art exhibition of graphics in the Skopje City Museum


2014 – group art exhibition  for drawings and paintings in C.I.C., Skopje


2014 – participations with “Empty Mind” in the Festival for animated short BALKANIMA FEST in Belgrade, Serbia


2014 – participations with “Empty Mind” at CINEDAYS film festival in Skopje


2015 – participations in the Art Colony in Plav, Monte Negro



2015 – group art exhibition  of paintings in Plav, Monte Negro


2016 – Total Design of The 27th European Kendo Championship (posters, logo, catalog, medal, etc.)


2016 – participations and engagement in the competition for student poster on the subject – “Republic of Macedonia as a tourist destination” under the project “The Polish Poster School”


2017 – Individual art exhibition   of traditional graphics and drowings “Whose is my City” at the Skopje City Museum


2017 – group art exhibition   of Reborn in the Museum of Debar Maalo


2018 – group art exhibition  “Donate Art” at C.I.C., Skopje