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Asst. Prof.Mr.art Edona Arifi Sadiku

Faculty of Architecture

Function: Architecture

Short narrative bio:

Edona Arifi Sadiku was born in Kumanovo, on June 7, 1988.

In 2011 graduated in State University of Tetova, at the Faculty of Applied Sciences - Architecture with a diploma thesis: "Social tourist facility - motel" under the mentor Doc. Dr. Kujtim Elezi.

In 2014 she finished Master studies at the University "American College - Skopje" Skopje, with a master's thesis: "Architectural context of culture - Project for cultural center in Kumanovo" under the mentor Doc. Dr. Kokan Grchev.

She started her first employment at the First Private University FON in Skopje, October 2014, as a junior assistant. She continues to work at the same place until today, with the title of Docent Master of Design.

In 2020 she continued in the third cycle of studies at the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius Skopje - FDTME, which is still in process.

Reserved conferences:

2012 - ES CAPES - Architectural Vocational Summer School throughout Europe, namely:

- in Barcelona - COAC Conference, with Mr. Toshiaki Tange, Mr. Borja Ferrater, Ali Mangera, Mr. Josep Mias, Mr. Toni Casamor

- ESTAB Conference, with Karin Hofert, Joan Florit, Ariadna Perich, LA Col, La Baola, Nacho Lopez, Ignacio Martinez.

- iGuzzini Conference, with Mr. Josep Mias, Mrs. Silvia Brandi.

- in Madrid - ETSAM Conference, with Prof. Javier Ruiz, Lucia Jalon, UNTERCIO, SUMA ARQUIECTURA, Estudio SIC, PKMN, Zuloark, Basurama Taller de Casquaria.

- in Bilbao - BILBAO RIA 2000 Conference, with Jesus Canada, Juan Alvaro Alayo Azcarate, Inaki Aurrekoetxea.

July 2013 - International Summer School of Architecture and Urbanism at the American College Skopje, “Urban Urgency Skopje”

September 2013 - Architectural workshop for public spaces in Pristina, Kosovo, "Kosovo 2.0" with Swedish architects "SnøhettaRethinksPublicSpace".

2012, 2013, 2014 - participant in the student architectural exhibition BISTA.

Course she has  been teaching and courses she is teaching currently:

- Elements of Architectural Design

- Bases of Architectural Design

-Modeling 1 and 2

-Interior-Interior Arrangement 1 and 2

-Architectural Studio-Social Buildings 3

-Architectural practice 1 and 3

-Architectural Constructions 1

-Interior Architecture 2

-Architectural Design of Industrial Buildings

-Selected Topics from Transport and Trade Facilities

-Design of Furniture and Detail in Interior Space, etc.

Subjects and research fields of BA, MA, or PhD thesis she supervised and is interested in supervising

-Master topic: Creating models of hybrid architecture with integration of residential and commercial functions

-Master topic: Designing a home for the elderly in the village. Poroj, Tetovo

Undergraduate topic: Designing a special kindergarten in Skopje

Undergraduate topic: Designing a Mosque in Turkey

Research interests (and on-going research, if you are conducting one)

Ephemeral Architecture and Interiors - Doctoral dissertation, in process

List of published articles:

In process.