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Asst. Prof.Mr.art Kaljtrina Elezi Kulikji

Faculty of Architecture

Function: Architecture

Short narrative bio:

She was born on December 29, 1988 in Kumanovo. She completed her primary and secondary education in Kumanovo.

She attended the first cycle university studies in Architecture in SUT-Tetovo, where on May 11, 2011, she became the First Graduated Architect at SUT, Faculty of Applied Sciences- Architecture. She completed her master's studies (second cycle) at the Faculty of Architecture at UKIM.

She currently is pursuing her doctoral studies at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Her teaching-scientific and research engagement started in 2013, as a part-time assistant at SUT. Since March 2015, she has been a full-time employee at FON University, first as a junior assistant, then as an assistant and currently as a full-time teacher (Docent) in professional artistic subjects in the field of Architectural Design (20100).

In the private sector, she is active as an independent architect in the design of low and high residential buildings.

Course she has  been teaching and courses she is teaching currently:

Winter semester:

  1. Architectural design of residential buildings 1
  2. Integrative studio 2
  3. Urban studio
  4. Design of agricultural buildings

Summer semester:

  1. Architectural studio 2
  2. Architectural design of industrial buildings
  3. Urban and construction legislation
  4. Architectural composition

Research interests: 

Her research interests include topics in the field of:

- public spaces as architecture and sociological phenomenon

- the problem of designing residential buildings for collective housing

- monumentality in the architectural space

- informal settlements

- the legal element in architecture and urbanism

List of published articles:

Master's thesis "From street patterns to collective form, new collective form for Novo Maalo - Skopje", under the mentorship of prof.dr. Minas Bakalchev, July 2013

‘Informal settlements and planning new urban blocks’, author: Kaltrina Elezi Kuliqi, co-author: Agron Kuliqi, scientific paper published in the international journal Vizione, no.30, July 2018, Skopje, ISSN 1409- 8962 (printed form), ISSN 1857- 9221 (electronic form)
“Social Housing In The Case Of Republic of North Macedonia”, author: Kaltrina Elezi Kuliqi, co-author: Arbnore Elezi, scientific paper published in the international: Journal of applied sciences – SUT (JAS-SUT)
Vol. 6, No. 11-12 / 2020, Tetovo, R.N. Macedonia
“Obtaining a building permit and its importance in construction”, author: Arbnora Osmoni, co-author: Kaltrina Elezi Kuliqi scientific paper published in the international journal Spectrum 1. - Studious and scientific magazine No.1, 2020
National and university library "St. Clement of Ohrid " – Skopje, R.N. Macedonia