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Title, Name and Surname

Assistant professor Jasna Grujoska


Short narrative bio:

I was born on March 22, 1988 in Struga, Macedonia.  
After I finished high school at the secondary public school “Niko Nestor”, Struga, I continued my education at the Faculty of Architecture at University ,,St. Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje.
In 2012, after 5 - years studies, I received bachelor degree from Faculty of Architecture, st. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje and gain title of graduated engineer architect. 
Since 2012 I am working as an architect and supervisor on numerous projects of residential and commercial buildings as a member of the design company “Pekom“. By acquiring the necessary design and supervision certificates I became member of the Chamber of certified architects and engineers of Republic of Macedonia.  
In 2014 I started my master studies and after two years gained the title Master in Technical Sciences in the field of Civil Engineering, from the Faculty of Engineering, st. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje. 
I have joined Faculty of Architecture at FON University in Skopje as an associate in 2016 and selected as an assistant at the same faculty in 2017. I gained academic title - Assistant Professor in the field of architectural design in 2018. 
I also participate in organization of architectural exhibitons and workshops, designed for students.
I started my PhD studies in 2018 at  Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology in Skopje, with a field of research – protection of cultural heritage buildings. 


Course you have been teaching and courses you are teaching currently:

- Architectural design of residential buildings 1

- Interior design 1

- Interior design 2

- Integrative studio 1

- Selected topics of advanced architectural design

- Selected topics of interior design

- Architectural studio - Interior design 1

- Architectural studio - Interior design 2

- Architectural design of  industrial buildings


Subjects and research fields of BA, MA, or PhD thesis you’ve supervised and are interested in supervising :

The graduate and master thesis that I’m mentoring cover several fields of architectural design, among which the following: 
- individual residential buildings (different typologies of houses);
- city malls;
- hotels;
- educational facilities;
- commercial facilities;



Research interests:

My field of interests is focused on modern approaches in architectural design, implementation of  BIM technologies, new building materials and technologies, as well as the principles of sustainable architecture.

Another  field of ​​interest is the protection of historical buildings - the cultural heritage in our country, which is also the topic of my doctoral thesis.


List of published articles (academic journals), texts (in edited books) and books:

Samardzioska, T., Grujoska, V., Grujoska, J., Moslavac, D.,“Use of waste glass as aggregate in concrete”,

 1st International Conference on Construction Materials for Sustainable Future, Zadar, Croatia, 19.04 -21.04. 2017

Samardzioska, T., Grujoska, V.,

Grujoska, J., Moslavac, D.,Donevska, K., 

“Effects of waste glass on properties of  hardened  concrete”, Scientific Journal of Civil Engineering, Volume 6, Issue 1, July 2017

Grujoska, V., Samardzioska, T.,

Grujoska, J., “Improvement of  Thermal Conductivity of  Mortars with Slag“ 18th International Symposium of MASE, Ohrid, Macedonia, 02th – 05th October 2019

Grujoska, V., Grujoska, J., Samardzioska, T., Jovanoska M., “Waste glass effects on fresh and hardened concrete“, 7th International Conference “Civil Engineering - Science and Practice”, Kolashin, Montenegro, 10th – 14th March 2020

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