Ass. Belma Hadjikamber Faculty of Economics

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Scientific field: entrepreneurship, international economy, management, financial management

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Title, Name and Surname: M. Sc. Belma Hadjikamber

Short narrative bio:

I have completed my undergraduate studies at the University of St. Cyril and Methodius, Faculty of Economics, in Skopje and my master's studies at FON University, at the Faculty of Economics.I am enrolled in doctoral studies at the Faculty of Economics at UKIM, in the study program of Economics. I have working experience in the public, non-governmental and private sectors. Since 2016, I have been engaged at FON University’s Faculty of Economics. In December 2016, I was selected as an assistant, a position that I’m holding until present day. Within the framework of FON University, I am actively participating in the project "Factory of Knowledge". I am also a member of the Commission for Transfers at the Faculty of Economics. I have also participated in numerous seminars, trainings, conferences and projects in our country and abroad. Among the more significant are the following: -Participation in the Second World Forum for Democracy, 2013 in Strasbourg. -Active contribution in the three-day project “Austrian- Macedonian days”, October 2014 and 2015 in Skopje. -International conference organized by the European Forum Alpbach takes on the topic of “InEquality”, August 2015 in Alpbach, Austria. -International conference organized by the European Forum Alpbach takes on the topic of “New Enlightenment”, August 2016 in Alpbach, Austria. -Participation in a learning mobility project: Teaching methods in interculturally mixed

areas, 2016 in Prague. -Active contribution as a moderator in the two-day project “Austrian- Macedonian days”, 2017 in Skopje. -Trainer in the project: Career Counseling in Youth Work, 2019 in Krusevac.

Courses that you have been teaching and courses you are currentlyteaching:

As a teaching assistant at FON University, I hold scholarly exercises in several courses: Business Economics, Investments, Economics of enterprise, International Economics, Principles of Management, Financial management, Entrepreneurship.

Research interest:

My research interests are in the following areas:

Labour Economics




List of published articles (academic journals), texts (in edited books) and books:


Papers published in international scientific journals: -M.Sc. Belma Hadjikamber, Doc.Dr. Sejdefa Djafche- Labour market of the Republic of Macedonia, conditions and perspectives, International magazine for social sciences “Visions” Skopje, Nr.26. August, 2016 -Doc.Dr. Sejdefa Djafche, M.Sc. Belma Hadjikamber, M.Sc. Bilgaip Maznikar, Legal and taxation relation in the Macedonian tax-related legislation, International magazine for social sciences “Visions” Skopje, Nr.26. August, 2016 -Prof. Dr. Sejdefa Djafche, Prof. Dr. Temelko Risteski, M.Sc. Belma Hadjikamber, The rights of shareholders in the process of large makes, International

magazine for social sciences “Visions” Skopje, Nr.28. July, 2017.


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