Prof. Ljubomir Danailov Frckoski Faculty of Law & Political Science

  • Function: Law
  • Subjects:
  • Education:

Personal data:                            -born on 02.12.1957 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia     

                                                     -Nationality: Macedonian

Languages:                                 -native language: Macedonian

                                                     -Foreign languages: English, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian                    

Permanent address:                  -Perisa Savelic 5/3,

                                                      1000   Skopje, Republic

                                                       of Macedonia

Telephone:                                   ++389 78 270656 (mobile)

Education:                                  -1976-1981 University “St.Cyril and Methodius”-Sk.Faculty

                                                     of Law (graduate lawyer)

                                                     -1981-1986 University “St. Cyril and Methodius”-Sk. Faculty

                                                     of Law-M.A.examination (MA degree in Law)

                                                     -1986-1989 University “ Edvard Kardelj” Ljubljana Faculty of

                                                     Sociology, Journalism and Political Sciences doctorate (Ph.

                                                     D. in Legal and Political Sciences)

Employment:                              -1984-  University “St.Cyril and Methodius”- Sk. Faculty

                                                     of Law , professor of International Law and Theory                                                                                                             of International Relations

                                                     -1990-1997 Government of Republic of Macedonia

                                                     -1990-1992 Minister without portfolio

                                                     -1992-1996 Minister of Internal Affairs

                                                     -1996-1997 Minister of Foreign Affairs

                                                    -Executive Director of Foundation for strategic analyses :                         -                                                                         Kiro Gligorov (2000-2001);

                                                    -Adviser for constitutional and human rights issues of the                                             

                                                     President of Republik, 2000- 2004 ;

                                                     -Profesor in FON University , Dean of Faculty of law and political sciences (                                                                      2019 – )


scientific and expert work:       -Leading  expert who took part in the preparing of

                                                     The new Constitution of Republic of Macedonia from

                                                     17.11.1991 and in same position for drafting of Amendments

                                                      for Constitution 2001 . One of experts who prepared Ohrid                         Agreement 2001    

                                                     - Member-expert of the European commission

against racism and intolerance (ECRI) ,Council of Europe ( 2002-2007)

                                                     -1984 -Salzburg seminar- Fellow

                                                     -1994 -21-st Century Trust –London-Fellow

                                                     -1994, IFRI, a member since 1994 of the French Institute for

                                                     International Relations

-Association for International Law, Skopje;

- Human Rights Forum, Skopje (ex. gen. secretary)

- Member of Board of Helsinki Comity Macedonia

- Member of the Scientific Committee of the  I.S.I.G (Institute of International Sociology, Gorizia ) University of Trieste  .

-Visiting Professor in University of Trieste in ISIG ( 2002-2010)

                                                       - Visiting professor in University of
                                                       St. Pio V Rome in Italy

                                                       -Visiting Professor in RANEPA ,  - Presidential Academy Moscow ( 2018 - )


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                                                   - Byzantium globalisation vis-à-vis contemporary globalisation

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    Counties of  Western Balkan

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Human Rights and Psychoanalysis , Kultura Skopje , 2019 ( book, monography ) 




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