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Prof. Dr.sc Ljubomir Danailov Frckoski

Faculty of Law & Political Science

Function: Law

Ljubomir Danailov Frchkoski was born in 1957 in Skopje, where he completed primary and secondary education. He graduated from the Faculty of Law „Iustinianus Primus” at the University Ss „Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje in 1981. He obtained his MA in 1986, and his doctoral thesis in 1989 at the Faculty of Sociology, Journalism and Political Sciences at the University „Edvard Kardelj” in Ljubljana (R. Slovenia). Professor Frchkoski had a long-standing tenure (from 1984 to 2019) as a full professor in International Public Law and International Political Relations at the Faculty of Law at the state University Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje. In 2019 he was appointed Dean at the Faculty of Law and Political Science at the American University of Europe – AUE FON in Skopje. From September 2020 he holds the position of Provost at AUE FON University. 

Frchkoski is among the most prominent Macedonian intellectual figures. He provided substantial contribution and valuable input in numerous governmental activities, including drafting of the first Macedonian Constitution of 1991. After the independence, he held the following positions within the Macedonian government:  Minister of Internal Affairs (1991-1996) as well as Minister of Foreign Affairs (1996-1997).

From 2000 to 2004 he was a counselor (on constitutional and human rights issues) to the President at the time, as well as chief expert in the drafting of the Ohrid Framework Agreement in 2001.

His expertise in human rights was further recognized with the membership in the European Commission against racism and intolerance in the period 2002-2007 at ECRI under the Council of Europe. In addition, professor Frckoski is a member of alumni networks of numerous renown international academic institutes, including 21-st Century Trust - London and IFRI.

He is a prolific author of books and research papers on topics ranging from human rights, negotiations towards identity dispute resolution to  philosophy of law and political theory of democracy, published in reputable domestic, regional and international journals, conference proceedings Professor Frchkoski has been involved as visiting professor in the work of several foreign universities and  international scientific and research projects, including Institute of international sociology (ISIG) of Gorizia at the University of Trieste (Italy, 2002-2010) and „San Pio V“ University in Rome, Italy, while from 2018 he has been a visiting professor at „RANEPA - Presidential Academy” (Moscow, Russia).  

SUBJECTS:Human Rights, International Public Law, Philosophy of Law, Conflict Negotiation, Contemporary Political Theories, Political Philosophy



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