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Quality education is the key to every student's prosperity, stability, and progress. The American University of Europe (FON) sets world standards and conditions for the academic development of each individual and allows students to develop their capacities for creative and autonomous thinking, but above all, to acquire skills necessary for the professions of the future.

Considering that education opens wide opportunities for a successful career, our university, as a result of cooperation with Mittweida State University of Applied Sciences from Germany (Mittweida University of Applied Sciences), allows students to acquire double degrees.

All current and future students, as well as alumni of AUE - FON who are enrolled in the Faculty of Economics and study or have studied "Business Management", "Marketing and "Finance", can apply for a double degree at the State University of Applied Sciences from Mittweida and that for:
Undergraduate studies in the field of business management (industrial management).

This means that, in addition to the diploma from AUE-FFON, our students can also receive a German diploma for the first and second cycles of studies. To obtain a double degree, you need to pass all the exams of the Macedonian program as well as additional exams of the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences program.

During your education and acquisition of double degrees, you have the opportunity to be educated by quality academic staff from Macedonia and Germany and to acquire internationally recognized degrees that will guarantee you secure employment, not only here or in Germany but also more widely around the world.

Simply put, the double degree program offers all students the opportunity to develop a broad and international perspective, gain specialized knowledge, and deepen their horizons with intercultural experience and language training. The program aims to form individuals who can act successfully in the global labor market.

To study the double degree program at the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences in Germany, students will need to demonstrate knowledge of the German language at the B2 level.
More details and information about the double program with Mittweida State University of Applied Sciences from Germany can be obtained from the coordinator of the double degree program at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of AUE-FFON at the following email: marina.kantargjieva@fon.edu.mk.